Meditation and allied disciplines have supported my growth and work for over 35 years, and I’ve been authorized to teach in several spiritual traditions. As a meditation teacher in western Colorado, I appreciate the deep truth of both eastern and western spirituality, and practical approaches to living a life based on love.


Living a life based on love, I write and give talks about these questions, and as a transformational coach, I support individuals and groups in exploring possible answers.​


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The big questions fascinate me: who are we, how shall we live, what happens to us after we graduate from this world?

There is more to our lives

and to us than meets the eye.

Sometime we call this unseen realm “Spirit.” Many people have rejected the structure and dogma sometimes presented in religion, but feel the realm of Spirit and might say they are “spiritual but not religious.”

The purpose of this site is to explore the realm of Spirit from different perspectives, drawing on the underlying truths of various religions and traditions while avoiding dogma, and to support people in their own spiritual path.

Ever since I was very young I have been drawn to spirituality, and to understand and experience the nature of reality. In this pursuit, I devoted myself to spiritual practices for decades, at times spending all of my waking hours working with my intention and consciousness. I worked with three main teachers over the years.

The first of my primary teachers I’ll call the Peaceful Scholar. He encouraged me to study the scriptures of many religions and traditions, and inculcated in me values of service and giving. He would gaze quietly into my eyes for lengthy periods, infusing me with his peace.

The second of my teachers I’ll call the Great Guru. I’ve seen him casually perform miracles, including removing a tumor from my throat. Just being in his presence was transformative.  Like a master gardener grafting a twig onto a tree, he connected me to his lineage of yogis and infused its energies into me. I’m still a twig, but part of something much greater, with the “sap” of the tree of the lineage flowing in me.

The third of my  teachers I’ll call the Master Alchemist.  Under his guidance I had hundreds of experiences in which the nature of reality unfolded within me and in the process there was further distilled the essence of Being, the I AM. The Master Alchemist eventually told me to consider myself as his peer in this process.

My teachers (in the case of the Great Guru, his successor) have authorized me to teach. Like Krishna on a Harley, my training and offerings bring together East and West.  Now I’m freely sharing what Grace has given me.

I am a meditation teacher in western Colorado and also online. If you are interested in exploring with me, please let me know.


Praise for John Records

John Records uses a powerful, holistic approach to energy processing. Through our sessions he has helped me to access, process and "birth" many ideas, dreams and events in my life. He has a unique way of helping me to integrate all aspects of my life and self. Simply put, John is a healer, a natural leader and a gift in all the many lives that he touches.

Nikki CuthbertsonRN, Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor

The transformational service that John Records vastly understates with the name 'Energy Process Work' is one of the most moving, directly effective approaches to whole-being integration and action that I've ever encountered. I cheerfully give it the highest recommendation to anyone who wishes to make use of John's superb, artful facilitation.

Saniel BonderFounder of Waking Down in Mutuality, Author, Great Relief and Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

Each encounter with John is a portal to greater authenticity and freedom. His very presence is a benediction; his gentle manner inspires trust, and offsets a fantastic sense of humor, sharp intellect, and boundless wisdom. John helps me face into my challenges with courage, freshness, and heart.

Deborah Boyar

John embodies integrity, trustworthiness, and awareness, dedicating his life to serving people in need. John has provided profound support for my self-development -- with his insightful guidance my experience of oneness, confidence, and love has increased. I enthusiastically recommend his workshops and other offerings.

Heather Larkin MSW. Ph.D. Associate Professor

John entered my life at exactly the right time. As a coach he is thoughtful, knowledgable, and able to help you create a plan for success. Thank you, John, for helping me prepare for the next level--my journey was eased with your professional guidance.

Avidahn B.

A Brief Bio

John started practicing meditation and related disciplines in 1980. John has about 15,000 plus hours in practice, and continues to practice daily.

John’s life’s work is supporting people in their growth and transformation. As the Executive Director of COTS (Committee on the Shelterless, in the Bay Area) for over 20 years, John helped thousands of people in not only finding homes, but also in developing the foundation to live full, rich, and loving lives. As Chaplain at Hopewest Hospice, John assisted people in their graceful and loving transition beyond their physical form. John continues to volunteer with hospice, and to support individuals and groups in their growth as a life coach and meditation teacher in western Colorado through coaching, consulting and classes.

John’s teaching style can be characterized as informal and nondogmatic. He draws on eastern and western wisdom, and takes into account each student’s development and needs. Ultimately, John seeks to support people’s entelechy – blossoming into their full and glorious development. Just as a caterpillar can become a butterfly and an acorn can become an oak tree, each person has the potential to become a unique and full expression of the Divine in human form.  John’s gift lies in midwifing this expression in others.

John received his BA from Cornell University, and JD from NYU School of Law. He is married and has two grown children.