Entelechy Coaching helps you attain your own, individual and unique entelechy, that is, the full and glorious expression of your being. It helps you reach your highest potential, in which your past wounds have been transformed into wisdom and strength, your situation has been adjusted to support rather than hinder you, you are fulfilled and strong, your spirit shines brightly, and your natural healthy expression benefits you and all whose lives you touch.

Whatever your role–parent, intimate partner, worker, artist, friend or other–you will be happier and more effective as you progress towards and attain your entelechy. People with whom I engage in this process often develop a new way of being in the world with a sense of insight, calm, and focused power.

Let your spirit shine brightly. Allow your natural healthy expression to benefit you and all whose lives you touch.

What Is Entelechy?

​The entelechy (pronounced “en-tell-eh-key”) of an acorn is an oak tree. The entelechy of a caterpillar is a butterfly. Entelechy is the full and glorious expression of any being, and also the force and energy that drives its development. Our entelechy can be hindered by injuries in our past, toxic people in our present, and circumstances that limit us.

How does it work?

With Enetelchy Coaching, we use eastern and western practices to support your healing, to free you from limitations of your past and present, and to transform your wounds into blessings for yourself and others. We then activate and nurture the force of your entelechy to help you fully blossom into all you can be. This development is our life’s work, yet much can be accomplished in a relatively short time with skilled help. Our work together takes place in person, by phone or via video from anywhere in the world.

Costs & Next Steps

Entelechy Coaching is offered on a sliding cost scale.

​Space is limited. If you are interested, please email me with information about your background and interests, and what is important to you now. We can set a time to chat to discuss questions and concerns, and see if we’re a good fit.

Praise for John Records

John embodies integrity, trustworthiness, and awareness, dedicating his life to serving people in need. John has provided profound support for my self-development -- with his insightful guidance my experience of oneness, confidence, and love has increased. I enthusiastically recommend his workshops and other offerings.

Heather LarkinMSW. Ph.D. Associate Professor

John Records uses a powerful,holistic approach to energy processing. Through our sessions he has helped me to access, process and "birth" many ideas, dreams and events in my life. He has a unique way of helping me to integrate all aspects of my life and self. Through our work together, I have been better able to integrate my mental, emotional and spiritual life and health. The effect of this is that I feel whole after a session. Simply put, John is a healer, a natural leader and a gift in all the many lives that he touches.

Nikki CuthbertsonRN, Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor

"The transformational service that John Records vastly understates with the name 'Energy Process Work' is one of the most moving, directly effective approaches to whole-being integration and action that I've ever encountered. I cheerfully give it the highest recommendation to anyone who wishes to make use of John's superb, artful facilitation."

Saniel BonderFounder of Waking Down in Mutuality, Author, Great Relief and Healing the Spirit/Matter Split