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The CDs of Love in Action just arrived, and they are really nicely done. Please drop me a line with your mailing address if you’d like a free copy.Love in Action is generating a lot of excitement, and many people are stepping up to help share it with the world. I warmly welcome you into that exploration: you might want to share the book with others, host a book circle, or otherwise participate. Please let me know your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Consequently, I’m going to shift this website to be of more support to the Love in Action material, and the companion books I’m working on. It will become more of an “author” page.

You’ll still be able to go to www.moltengoldenmountain.com, and www.johnrecords.com will also bring you here. And you still can access the archived posts and the podcasts.

I’ll be using a new email list module for the new effort, and can include you on that (although of course you can opt out).

‚ÄčI’d be happy to hear any comments, feelings, or concerns you might have.


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