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We ​had the first session of the Love in Action classes at Center for Spiritual Life.About 20 people were in attendance. I invited them to share their intentions and prayers for the classes. Here is a summary of what they said.

I pray this class:

  • leads to more people projecting love into the universe, with the end goal of changing the vibration from negative to positive energy
  • is a joyous conduit for heart connection and expression of divine and creative intelligence
  • provides encouragement to be present with other humans and to listen to needs and give comfort
  • provides knowledge to share love in all my encounters
  • helps us to live in harmony with the energy of Love
  • helps us to feel connected
  • helps everyone to give and receive what they need
  • brings more Love!
  • fosters a sense of community, connection, love, acceptance and support
  • helps me to find direction and tools to be the best I can be and accept it.

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