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Rhonda Gerhard wanted to experiment with seeing others as worthy of love while shopping for groceries. She says:

The first person was someone I’ve known for years in my town, have always liked and enjoyed, but had not seen for a very long time. We waved across the parking lot and I said to her silently, “there is no one more worthy of love than you”. Easy.

e second person I connected with was a baby being carried in his mom’s arms. Double easy. Then the check out person, she was rushed, but it wasn’t difficult even though I’d never seen her before. 

But then I got to thinking what about more challenging people. I recalled an incident at a wedding I attended recently. I didn’t know the folks.

The mother of the bride was very nervous, things were not going as she wanted, it was very hot, she was perspiring.

She angrily told a person working at the event that she needed napkins- she asked why weren’t there any napkins? I looked at her across the way from me, and watched as someone gave her what she needed.

She still seemed quite agitated so I mentally surrounded her with love. I thought, “there is no one more worthy of love” and I kept looking at her while surrounding her with this love and light. Her mood shifted almost immediately. She calmed down and even smiled at her husband.

It feels so good to say this to someone either silently or aloud and the added benefit is it actually makes me very happy! Now I’ll go home and look in the mirror. 
“No one is more worthy of love than you” is something we can apply anywhere. As Rhonda’s story shows, we don’t need to know someone, or to speak to them. We can offer it as a silent blessing.

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