Love in Action

The First in a Series

During decades building centers and programs to help homeless people in the Bay Area, I realized that love is the key element, and sometimes the missing ingredient, for helping people in need. I’ve found the same to be true while working in hospice supporting dying people and their families. This lack of love unfortunately pervades our society.

Love in Action is my response to this lack of love.

This book distills what I’ve learned helping over 20,000 people, and through decades of spiritual practice. As you read and reflect, you’ll learn how to be more loving with your family, in the workplace, and as a volunteer.

These lessons will help you to stay strong whatever comes your way and to offer your love in action more and more to heal the world and yourself.

You’ll learn about the simple spiritual practice of offering your entire being to love, and gradually being transformed into a vehicle for love’s expression.

I met John Records at a co-working space a few weeks back. He radiated peace, joy and calm. We immediately dropped into a deep conversation—much deeper than your average first-time chat. I knew he was something special.

Only when we met up again a few weeks later did I discover he’s actually an author. His first book, a slim but powerful collection of meditations called Love in Action, is one of the more beautiful self-published books I’ve encountered.

Beautiful visually, and beautiful in terms of its content. From a deep-dive with the Prayer of St. Francis, to helpful strategies for working with heartbreak and overwhelm, John’s well-crafted pieces resonate long after the book is set down.

Kelly Notaras

This book is a spectacularly profound, practical and simple guide for living through the heart and being of service. Well written with fitting anecdotes, this is a must read for those called to service in their life.

David Rodziewicz

Making it physical is a major aspect of Love in Action. Whether providing some physical comfort, or merely listening—giving from an open heart, in service to the needs of another is the point, and the path. John Records shines a light on the path.

Read this book. For love.

Mary Simmons

If Love in Action helps you, please share it with others so they, too, can benefit, as well as those they will help. My goal is to distribute a million copies.

As this book is generating a lot of excitement, and many people are stepping up to help share it with the world, please let me know your ideas, thoughts and feelings.